We got the signatures we need to continue the process!   The legislature has until May 3rd to take up our ballot question, H 3929.  If they vote against it or do nothing, we will need to collect another round of signatures (only 10,792).  Our key focus early in this year is to encourage the legislature to vote for our question. We need you to help us identify supportive and non-supportive legislators.

Please take a moment now to respond to these action items:

  • If you know any teachers that have recently retired and can share how common core is changing the class room please click here to give us their name or ask them to contact Donna directly at [email protected] or 508-450-0104.
  • If you’ve spoken to your State Representative and State Senator and know where they stand on ending common core click here to email Agatha.
  • If you can help our fundraising efforts by hosting a house party click here to email Agatha or click here to donate online.
  • If you can go door knocking to educate voters when it warms up click here to email Agatha.